Essay about The Accounts of Birth of Jesus as Found in the St.Matthew and St.Luke

Essay about The Accounts of Birth of Jesus as Found in the St.Matthew and St.Luke

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The Accounts of Birth of Jesus as Found in the St.Matthew and St.Luke

The story of the birth of Jesus is recoreded in two books of the new
testament, the Gospels according to St.Matthew and St.Luke. We find
the accounts of Jesus' birth in them. Luke's account, the most
popularly known, includes the angel's visit to Mary, the world-wide
census, the birth in the manger in Bethlehem, the angel's visit to the
shepherds, and the shepherd's visitation to the stable

Matthew's account is different. It contains Joseph's visit by an angel
in a dream, the birth in Bethlehem ( with no details ), the visit by
the magi ( the wisemen ), the presentation of their gifts, the
subterfuge of King Herod, and the escape to Egypt by the holy family

These Christian writers have recorded the good news about Jesus' life
and death. Christmas is the story of Jesus's birth. Important things
are mentioned, for example, that Jesus is the Son of God. Also, that
he is both human and divine, that he is the Messiah the chosen one who
the Jews believe will liberate them and that he is that he is the
decendant of the great king David. One thing for certain that both
accounts have the same is that both Mary and Joseph were betrothed. As
I mentioned before, Luke tells us more about the actual birth of
Jesus, while Matthew's version concerns more on the visit of the
wisemen, which the church connects with the feast of Epiphany on the
twelth day of Christmas.

Luke's gospel tells us about how Mary and Joseph had to leave their
home in Nazareth, Northern Palestine. They had to be registered in
Bethlehem in accordance with Caesar Augustus' degree. Bethlehem was a

... middle of paper ...

...ourse with Joseph. Luke describes this on more detail.

So, to come to an end, Mathew's account was really the narrative which
seems to be told from Joseph's point of view. Matthew wanted to
establish the legitimcy of Jesus' claim to the messianic throne by
taking Joseph's standpoint. Where Luke, apparently tells the nativty
story from the stand point of Mary. He emphasizes her feelings and
emotions as the mother of the Messiah. So, the differences between the
birth stories in the gospels may have been for a variety of reasons,
including the possibility that Jesus wasn't born in Bethlehem at all.
However , the two birth accounts do inform us of God's intentions to
minister to rich and poor, oppressed and mighty. And that Jesus, even
as an infant, was Emmanuel God withn us. The two texts, however,
cannot be harmonized.

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