The Treaty of Versailles Was the Most Pleasing to Woodrow Wilson or George Clemenceau?

The Treaty of Versailles Was the Most Pleasing to Woodrow Wilson or George Clemenceau?

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The Treaty of Versailles Was the Most Pleasing to Woodrow Wilson or George Clemenceau?

After the First World War a treaty had to be made to punish Germany
for their actions. This had to be done as Germany had lost the war and
had signed the Armistice on the 11th November 1918. The German peoples
were hungry, war weary and demanded peace. The Paris peace
conference's job was to write the Treaty of Versailles. Britain,
America and France all had representatives at this meeting; the Big
Three. The 'Big Three' included George Clemenceau, Lloyd George and
Woodrow Wilson. In June 1919, those three powers discussed the peace
treaty thoroughly. They all wanted peace, but this was hard to come by
the wide scale disruption to Europe during the war.

The German people thought that their nation had been 'stabbed in the
back' when they learnt of the nature of the treaty. This expression is
normally used when something is killed, suggesting that German hopes
were killed. This was as they though that their country was winning
the war. This idea had been planted because of government propaganda.
The people only heard of German victories at war in newspapers, never
of losses. This was to keep the nation's morale up and to try and
prevent a revolt.

As there were three huge nations, they all had different ideas as to
how Germany should be dealt with.

France had suffered greatly at the hands of the Germans. The north of
their country

Had been left in pieces, and 1,400,000 soldiers had been killed. As a
result, they wanted a harsh treaty. France wanted to ensure that no
third attack would ever take place, and wanted Germany to be reduced

... middle of paper ... Prussia.
The League of Nations controlled the Saaraland and other important
areas for 15 years until the country decided what they were going to
do with themselves.

I feel that Georges Clemenceau got more from the peace treaty than
Woodrow Wilson. Clemenceau evidently did live up to his nickname, the
'Tiger'. He persisted in his opinions and generally succeeded in his
undertakings. This may be because he had somewhat of an ally in Lloyd
George. They were both Imperialists, and were both accomplished

In my view, Wilson could have persevered and influenced more in the
treaty. He could have utilised his financial advantage to produce more
results. I think that Wilson was an idealist, and did not act on these
ideas; whereas his counterparts were more realistic and put to use his
political power.

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