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Great Expectations and The Go Between Both Great Expectations and The Go Between concern young men from
lowly backgrounds who find themselves thrust into the world of the
leisured classes and are changed forever. What similarities and
differences do you see between the ways in which the two authors
handle and develop this shared situation?

The reason why we have chosen to compare and contrast Great
Expectations and The Go Between is because they have many obvious and
many subtle similarities which I am to discuss during t he course of
this Essay. Although the two books were written a century apart they
are based around the same themes highlighted later on in the essay. In
the introduction of both books we learn that they are both first
person narratives. The main figure in each book is the narrator who is
telling a story in retrospective after the main event that has shaped
his life. Leo, the main character in The Go Between is sixty years of
age when he tells his story whereas Pip is in his late twenties or
early thirties. Although this is true, the story of The Go Between is
about twelve to thirteen days of Leo's life in comparison to fourteen
years of Pip's life expectations. Also in The Go Between there is a
more careful story between the present and the past and a comparison
between Leo as a sixty year old and a twelve year old. There is also a
prologue and epilogue in The Go Between whereas Great Expectations
proceeds chronologically. There is little written about Pip being the
age he is when he is narrating, though we know a lit...

... middle of paper ...

...r thirteen. The cake with twelve candles is
cut and the another is not touched, representing the same image of
life stopping at this point as this is were Marian and Ted are found
together. These two references seem very deliberate as they both
stimulate the same theme of life stopping because of one individual
persons affect on them.

The main theme present in both novels is the theme of child abuse. I
think this is the most obvious as throughout the boys lives they are
used by adults to their own advantage and treated without respect as
they are from lowly backgrounds. Although Hartley and Dickens do not
focus on how this has affected them they have made this a definite
issue in both books, by using young ambitious boys both of whom fall
in love with a desired woman and of whom both come from a lowly

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