Essay Health Related Exercise Programme

Essay Health Related Exercise Programme

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Health Related Exercise Programme

The objective of every training lesson is to improve my performance.
Each session needs to be well planned to improve my fitness. The
sport, which I have decided to improve for health and fitness, is
Netball the position that I play is as Goal-defender. Training must
include: warm up and warm down, practicing skills and various fitness
activities linked to netball. This training is an example of Interval
training, as I have to develop my fitness in a short time (5 sessions)
by working hard and gaining fitness quickly.

The appropriate fitness aspects for netball that I am anticipated to
improve are listed as the following:

* Aerobic Capacity

* Muscular Endurance

* Muscular Power

* Speed

* Balance

* Flexibility

My current level of fitness is good prior to a fitness test we carried
out, the results obtained from the fitness test are shown below and it
is quite evident that there are a few fitness aspects that I need to
improve on.

Fitness aspect

Test for fitness aspect



Standing Broad Jump






15m Sprint



Stork Stand



Sit and Reach



12 minute run


Muscular Endurance

Sit -ups


During each session of my training I need to ensure my self that the
conditions I am training in are safe. Basic safety aspects, which I
need to follow, are listed below:

* I must be sure that my body is able to cope with the demands of

* My training mus...

... middle of paper ...

...enough to make my body system adapt to
training. As I increase the time and number of repetitions I should
also increase the heart rate level at which I work.

I must also understand my training thresholds. I will do this by
calculating my maximum heart rate and working out which training zone
I am working at e.g. the speed-training zone. When my MHR is 60% I
will be at the aerobic threshold training effect. When my MHR
increases to 80%-90% I will be at the anaerobic threshold level. I
will be changing my fitness training level from aerobic-anaerobic
threshold. This means my training time will be shorter and my recovery
time will be longer.

A netballer would probably train like this during Off-season. This is
because the emphasis of my training programme is on developing my
muscular strength and aerobic fitness.

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