Why Marco and Rodolfo Came to America in A View From the Bridge by Arthur Miller

Why Marco and Rodolfo Came to America in A View From the Bridge by Arthur Miller

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Why Marco and Rodolfo Came to America in A View From the Bridge by Arthur Miller

The play A view from the bridge the author, Arthur Miller, is
presented to the audience as a tragedy but not a classical, a new,
modern tragedy. I still employs the elements well known to classical
tragedies but then it is set in the docks of America where illegal
immigrants are not uncommon to be hiding. There are many cultural
issues surrounding the play and the modern tragedy genre like the way
that different cultures treat justice; in America there are laws and
anyone who breaks them goes to jail but these laws are not always good
enough as Alfieri says on Eddie's first visit to him "the law is very
specific", it does not deal with every situation; The Sicilians treat
justice by taking the law into their own hands and getting even in
their own way. The Sicilians arrived in America in the first place to
search for the 'American Dream' of a job, money, welcome and hope for
the people left behind back home. The genre of modern tragedy uses a
protagonist, like classical tragedies, in the form of Eddie. Miller
uses him to focus on the frailty of human nature, how humans often do
not know their own feelings so cannot see what they are doing wrong:
Eddie, when told by Alfieri "she wants to get married, Eddie. She
can't marry you, can she?", his answer of "What're you talkin' about,
marry me! I don't know what the hell you're talkin' about" is
indignant and the audience sees that Alfieri has noticed what Eddie
just does not see about himself.

The tragic elements used to make A View from the Bridge into a modern
tragedy are taken from the old Greek classic...

... middle of paper ...

...acters and their way of life. Alfieri
has cleverly picked a culture that still runs as the Greeks did with
high standards to live up to and strong family values. By using
Alfieri as a modern day chorus, Miller mirrors a classical tragedy
set-up keeping the audience informed and creating the element of
predestination. By using a modern context, Miller has shown the
audience that theories on honour and respect have not changed much
since the Greeks. Alfieri's message at the end of the play to the
audience is that the truth should always be told. It shows that
although Eddie did not know his feelings for Catherine, someone could
have told him and the problem could have been sorted. If people had
talked more to each other and instead of fighting about everything,
just talked, maybe the whole thing could have been resolved.

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