The Benefits and Problems For a Firm Trying to Increase the Flexibility of Its Operations

The Benefits and Problems For a Firm Trying to Increase the Flexibility of Its Operations

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The Benefits and Problems For a Firm Trying to Increase the Flexibility of Its Operations

Flexibility is the ability and the willingness of a firm to change its
operations in response to changing circumstances. In the ever changing
marketplace, a company not able to redevelop a product, department, or
itself "over-night" may miss out in terms of sales to one of its
competitors. Customers demand more and more in terms of different
products, and more styles and companies need to be flexible enough to
adapt production to meet these needs. Fashionable and successful lean
production techniques also require no more resources, such as stock or
even staff than is required at that time and so flexible work forces
may be required to meet seasonal trends.

Mass production techniques have the benefit to the company that they
are cheap to run, quick, and produce consistently high quality
products. They aren't good at adapting to produce different products
however. A firm changing to a more flexible production method such as
cell pro...

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