Stalin's Defeat of Both His Left and Right Opponents Essay

Stalin's Defeat of Both His Left and Right Opponents Essay

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Stalin's Defeat of Both His Left and Right Opponents

There were many combining factors that enabled Josef Vissarionovich
Dzhugashvili, better known as Josef Stalin, to so easily slip into the
role of successor to Lenin. His path the leadership of the Communist
party of the Soviet Union,(the CPSU) can be attributed to many factors
and certainly cannot be put down to inevitable occurrence as Stalin
was by no means the natural choice for leader following the death of
Lenin in 1924 especially as the deceased leader's testament had
branded Stalin "too rude."

In 1903 Lenin created the Bolshevik party, and successfully led it
through three revolutions to the helm of government, and headed the
world's first socialist state. His authority was recognised within the
party and he was a respected leader. By 1918 a civil war broke out
dividing the county. Lenin foresaw that a united Bolshevik front
against the bourgeoisie (the whites) was a necessity and also that the
government (SOVNARKOM) would be the dominant force in the new civil
state following the cessation of the civil war. Thus in the same year
all other political parties were banned and thus the CSPU remained the
only party from which SOVNARKOM ministers could be drawn from. This
left the ministers increasing isolated but, at the same time,
increasingly powerful. As a result the position of General Secretary
increased also. This position effectively held power over entrance to
the party as well as being the lynchpin between the CPSU and
SOVNARKOM. The minister thus held effective power over the whole
administration of the country. Lenin realised the error in giving so
much power to ...

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...against the Moscow CPSU using loyal Party officials
within its structure. As a result of this, by early 1929, Tomsky was
no longer Trade Union Leader, Uglanov had been replaced in Moscow,
Rykov had been superseded as premier by Molotov and Bukharin had been
voted out as chairman of the Commintern and lost his place in the
Politburo. They were in effect "dropping like flies" and Stalin wasn't
having to work too hard for power. The gulf was never that wide
between the left and right but Stalin exploited what little gap there
was well.

Overall I feel that none of Stalin's opposition from the left or the
right had the confidence or the conviction to actually seriously
challenge Stalin for the right to become Bolshevik leader, and as
MaCauley states: "Stalin was greatly assisted by the inept tactics of
his opponents."

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