The Value of Chemistry in Society Essay

The Value of Chemistry in Society Essay

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The Value of Chemistry in Society

For some time in the modern world, and especially subsequent to the
events of September 11th, there has been a wave of concern regarding
chemistry and its potential destructive powers. There are many people
who hold a fearful attitude towards the chemical industry and its
products. This is because the threat of chemical and bio-chemical
weapons is very real and is a negative aspect of the business. Also it
is often deemed environmentally unfriendly and unsafe for the nearby

However it is far wider believed that the pros outweigh the cons
massively. To display this I have produced a case study on Glaxo Smith


Glaxo Smith Kline, based in the UK, is one of the pharmaceutical
industry leaders, with an estimated seven per cent of the world's
pharmaceutical market and declare a global quest to improve the
quality of human life by enabling people to do more, feel better and
live longer. This shows just how people based the company is despite
its huge size. GSK is also involved in four major therapeutic areas -
anti-infectives, central nervous system (CNS), respiratory and
gastro-intestinal/metabolic. In addition, it is a leader in the
important area of vaccines and has a growing range of oncology
products and treatments. The company also has a Consumer Healthcare
section comprising over-the-counter (OTC) medicines, oral care
products and nutritional healthcare drinks, all of which are among the
market leaders.

Employees and Employment


GSK has over 100,000 employees worldwide. Of these, over 40,000 are in
sales and marketing, the largest sales force...

... middle of paper ...

... are
no sinks in any of the labs so that nothing can be poured away like is
practiced in schools. They are very environmentally friendly.


This is great for the environment as nothing is thrown away. It is all
dealt with carefully and the industry is becoming far more
eco-friendly than in the past.


From my case study of Glaxo Smith Kline I have found that the industry
is in reform. It is becoming far safer and there are many less ethical
issues than ever before. Animal testing is low and the environment is
finally being preserved. The industry is good for the economy and
employs many people from college and university graduates to product
test subjects. The pros of chemistry in society far outweigh the cons
and this is illustrated perfectly in Glaxo Smith Kline.

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