Post-War Developments of Travel and Tourism Essay

Post-War Developments of Travel and Tourism Essay

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Post-War Developments of Travel and Tourism

Since the Second World War, which ended in 1945, the worldwide travel
and tourism industry had grown so much that it is considered as the
largest industry in the world. In the past 40 years the developments
of the industry has been shaped by a number of factors. These factors
can be divided into four categories, which are:

* Changing socio-economic conditions

* Developing technology

* Product technology

* Changing consumer needs

Changing Socio-economic conditions

This is the term given to the combination of social and economic
factors. These factors have contributed to the growth of the travel
and tourism industry since the Second World War. Leisure time has
increased greatly in the past amount of years for people in the UK.
One of the reasons it has increased is because of the introduction of
paid holidays. Now people feel at ease to go on holiday without of
being short for money when they come home. Theses paid holydays have
increased seaside holidays significantly such as Brighton, Blackpool
or Benidorm.

The entitlement of four to five weeks paid holidays has helped UK
domestic tourism industry by encouraging consumers to take a short
holiday breaks in addition to their main holiday. The length of the
working week has also been reduced largely. In the 1950's the average
working week in the UK was 50 hours. The typical working week in the
UK range 37-40 hours. Many workers have greater choice now about the
pattern of their working week. The unemployed and the increased number
of retired people in recent years has seen the demand for leisure

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... terms of consumer spending and
employment. However, because the industry is so varied and uneven, it
is often difficult to assess its exact contribution to the national

The British Tourist Authority and the English Tourism council estimate
that the value of tourism to the UK in 1998 was £61,201 million,
making the industry the fourth largest earner of foreign exchange.

It is now worth approx £74 billion in 2001 and has created about 2.1
million jobs.

In 1998, 25.7 million overseas


This table shows the total spending of overseas tourist spending in
the UK

The English Tourism Council and the British Tourist Authority both
produce data that highlight the importance of tourism to the national

The UK domestic tourism expenditure in 2001 was more than £59 billion.

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