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English School Uniforms

School uniform is an extremely debatable argument. Schools love it and
many pupils despise it. There are several good reasons both for and
against the wearing of uniform, some pupils say that the uniforms are
cold and irritating. They also feel that uniform limits their own
field of personal preference, as they find it hard to express their
individuality other than through what they wear. Although many pupils
would rather wear a clown suit than a uniform, it isn't just a plot by
school to make pupils freeze and dull. As not all pupils can afford
the latest fashions and brand names offered by the greedy, clothing
companies then uniform would make more sense, as it's relatively cheap
and smart.

One good point made by made by those in favour in uniform is that if
pupils didn't wear uniform, then they'd want to wear designer clothes
instead, which can be expensive and some families can ill afford
these. For example one designer outfit can cost around £150 and that's
just for one outfit. Most pupils would like to have a different outfit
for each day which increases the cost significantly. And the reality
is that not everyone has large sums of money to clothe their children
each year. If uniform wasn't compulsory then poorer families would be
forced to buy cheaper "Un-Branded" clothes. These "Un-Branded" clothes
are, counted as "Un-Cool" and "Un-Trendy" by most of today's youth,
this may lead to bulling of the unfortunate pupil not wearing the
latest fashion and brand names.

Another valid argument, mainly made by teachers and members of the
public in favour in uniform, is that if pupils do wear uniform then

... middle of paper ...

...tly as they are not aloud to wear what they
choose. An example of this could be by causing trouble in school. If
pupils are comfortable with what their wearing, then they might
concentrate more on their work, inside of being worried about how they

To conclude there is no correct answer to the uniform debate. As there
are many good points to both sides of the argument. Personally I am
neither for nor against the wearing of uniform. I am in favour of a
compromise were pupils should be aloud to wear what they want but it
should be either black or white and shouldn't be branded. This lets
pupils express themselves as individuals but doesn't encourage
competition as brand names wouldn't be aloud. Pupils would still be
easily recognised as well because pupils would be either wearing black
or white, smart clothes.

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