Is Henry V a Flawed Hero? Essay

Is Henry V a Flawed Hero? Essay

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Is Henry V a Flawed Hero?

Can Henry be perfect? Is it humanly possible to be perfect? Some
characters in the play say that Henry perfect for example the Bishop
of Canterbury says, "Hear him but reason in his divinity". This means
you should listen to him and discuss his godliness. Others in the
play, like the Dauphin, say that he is flawed he says Henry had a
"vain and giddy youth". In this essay I am going to explore the
meaning of flawed and how flawed Henry is according to the other
characters in this play. The meaning of flawed is to have flaws; flaws
are faults, imperfections or blemishes.

Henry V, the eldest son of Henry IV and Mary Bohun, was born in 1387.
He married Catherine, daughter of the French King Charles VI, in June
1420. His only child, the future Henry VI, was born in 1421. In his
early years he was a man who liked to drink and used to spend a lot of
time in the local pub and when he found out he could be king he
changed his attitude. The French all have different opinions of Henry.
The French king ...

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