The Struggle Against the Apartheid State of South Africa Essay

The Struggle Against the Apartheid State of South Africa Essay

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Mandela's childhood was very important in shaping him to be the man he
was. His father losing his land in 1919 would have affected Mandela's
opinion of how the country works as he grew up, and when he was 16 the
main speaker at his circumcision told that "Blacks were slaves in
their own country". He grew up with the opinion that his country
needed a better rule, because of how unfair it was to Black people.
His earliest decisions to fight for Black liberation were made here.

Another turning point was when Chief Jongintaba died in 1942. He then
stayed in Johannesburg instead of moving back to Mqhekezweni, this
showed he wanted to make an impact on the country as a whole instead
of just his tribe or area; he was beginning to see that the duty was
to his people as a whole, and ethic loyalties gave way to a common
purpose. This is where Mandela's campaign for equality for Blacks

This reason was not only important for him at the time, but it led to
Mandela's ideas about a multi-racial South Africa, directing him
towards the formation of the ANC Youth League; the Youth League being
important because it was the most active sector of the party - it had
the best chance of causing reform in South Africa.

Another turning point in Mandela's life was the formation of the MK,
or Spear of the People, when he realised that peaceful protest wasn't
going to work (after seeing the Sharpeville and Langa massacres). It
was from this that he was sentenced to jail in 1964, important because
he achieved the world stage that would make him a symbol of unity for
the worldwide anti-apartheid movement.

Mandela's release in 1990 was the ...

... middle of paper ...

...ft wing he would have been labelled as a liberal and his
plans would not have worked. He took a great risk to his political
career in 1992 by having a referendum on whether or not to end
apartheid and this risk paid off because 70% voted "Yes"! F.W. de
Klerk also began laying the groundwork for South Africa's first-ever
multiracial elections, which were held in 1994, where Mandela's ANC
party (freed by de Klerk) won.

De Klerk was therefore more important in ending apartheid because of
the risks that he, as President, needed to take and he even kept the
CODESA talks going when even Mandela wanted to end them! De Klerk put
effort throughout his career as President into paving the way for
apartheid rule to become abolished; Mandela took the glory for freeing
South Africa from apartheid but de Klerk did most of the work.

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