Essay about Analyzing Coastal Management Strategies

Essay about Analyzing Coastal Management Strategies

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Analyzing Coastal Management Strategies Coastal Management strategies need to consider not only physical
processes but also factors associated with human geography.

Analyse why this is the case.

Coastal management is a means of controlling development and change in
the coastal zone and undertaking work according to agreed principles
and criteria. By taking into account physical and human geography
factors and people who come from the local areas views will help to
ensure that there is good coastal management strategy. There are
usually three stages in a management strategy, understanding the
reason for the problem, undertaking work to resolve the problem or
reduce the effects of the problem and to improve prediction and make a
contingency plan.

Physical processes are things that occur on the earth's surface,
coastal processes are things that occur around the coastline examples
of this would be erosion, deposition; sub aerial processes and long
shore drift.

Human geography is related to people and the way people interact with
their surroundings. Examples of this would be the movement of people,
the management of areas where people live.

Coastal management schemes are very important because a large amount
of the worlds population live and work on the coast, coastlines can be
a very important way for an area to boost their economy; usually
through tourism.

There are two types of coastal management one is soft engineering
which is ways of managing the coast with out using structural
techniques. This is things' such as b...

... middle of paper ...

holds the dunes place as they have a good rooting system, fencing of
areas to stop people using them and establishing footpaths. This has
been done by laying duck boards to slow down erosion problem produced
by users of the dunes. Increasing the number of car parks and the
improvement of existing car parks. Rotating the use of the car parks.

The contingency plan is to educate people about the possible effects
of inappropriate use of the dunes. This is being done through guided
walks, sign posting of areas and information leaflets for the public.

This has not caused conflict between local people but has cost them
money. It is helping to preserve the area and is a suitable management
strategy in respect of physical and human means. This is the balance
that all management strategies for the coast should achieve.

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