Essay on Miners and History

Essay on Miners and History

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Miners and History At the beginning of the War the county had high hopes. War
Socialism had been brought in, this was the country's industries being
geared up toward the war effort, this included the mines being
nationalised, and many miners hoped that they would stay nationalised
after the war. The miners at that time liked the government and some
even joined the armed forces, the miners were patriotic to England.

In 1919 the coal industry was in a good state as there was good trade
with foreign countries and export in coal was high. The Miner's
Federation thought that now was the time to push for higher wages and
better conditions and standards for their miners. They thought the
government would listen to them as miners made up to 16% of the
working population in Great Britain at that time.

Some of the changes they wanted were: An increase in wages by a third,
fixed wages, a six hour day and immediate nationalism. If the
government fixed wages then there was going to be a general increase
in wages as all mines would be brought in line with each other. If the
government nationalised the mines then it would have to set up a
department for mines and would have had to pay for a whole new
department. Also there were many wealthy land and mine owners and they
would have not liked to see the nationalisation of the mines as this
would have led to a loss in profit for them and they could have
applied pressure on the government not to nationalise. The Sankey
commission was an investigation by the government, it looked into coal
mining. It looked at how ...

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was that of the government's not the TUC's and the TUC had very little
defence Volunteers of the OMS were shown as helpful.

By winning the support of the public by the use of propaganda and
influencing the type of media they received the government managed to
get the public to dislike and hate the miner's struggle. The
government managed to win to battle against the miners, by buying time
with the miners so they could prepare a defence against the miner's
strike, by having a great propaganda campaign on all forms of media,
and the TUC helped the government to victory by having weak, pathetic
leaders who did not organise attacks on the propaganda onslaught they
received from the government the TUC leaders had a weaker paper and
were less aggressive as the government and where very submissive and

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