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Production Report on Thriller Film Essay example

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Production Report on Thriller Film

For my production unit, I chose Brief 1: Thriller Film. This is due to
my interest in them and the

confidence I have in producing my own, which I found from GCSE
television advertising work and in my ability to deconstruct existing

In order to fulfil my brief successfully, I had to perform several
areas of research, which will make the product look like products in
real life and show that I know and can use the appropriate codes and
conventions. I also watched a non-Hollywood film, the French film 'La
Haine'. Comparing the two different sorts of films, emphasised the
codes and conventions that I needed to use for my 'classic Hollywood'
film. For example, the 180degree rule, continuity and the way sound is
constructed to fit the distance of source from camera.

To go into more detail about typical Hollywood style, I deconstructed
many sequences in terms of shots and techniques in existing Hollywood
thriller films, with a fifteen or eighteen certificate looking at the
codes and conventions specifically used in them to create the effect
desired e.g. the use of incidental music and silences; filming the
villain so his face is never fully shown; using low-key lighting to
create shadows; low and high angled shots to create the feeling of
power and control; close-ups of eyes to show fear; slow, long-held
shots to create tension. A particular favourite film of mine was
'Silence of the Lambs'- a film by Jonathan Demme, because the tension
created was a lot subtler and there was very little violence or action
in the film- the enjoyment came out of the highly detailed characters
and the i...

... middle of paper ...

... my film was an older, more sophisticated audience than
most thriller films- probably the same audience as 'Silence of the
Lambs', who will appreciate little action and detailed characters. I
think my film does target this audience as it involves complex
emotions and in the opening sequence, a lot of mystery and things to
work- it is not self-explanatory-an enigma and I think an older
audience would enjoy this factor of the film.

Overall I am pleased with the effect I have created in my sequence. I
think it sets up the rest of the film well and this opening sequence
would make an audience want to watch the rest of the film. I believe
that my film follows enough conventions to be called a 'Classic
Hollywood Realism' film and although the quality is not brilliant due
to lack of technology, I am pleased with the result.

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