De Gaulle and the Achievement of Independence in Algeria Essays

De Gaulle and the Achievement of Independence in Algeria Essays

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De Gaulle and the Achievement of Independence in Algeria

Algeria underwent a long struggle to gain independence from France.
Its people had seemed to be happy with the colonisation of its country
until France was occupied by Germany in the Second World War. This
defeat along with others in Vietnam and other colonies proved to the
Algerians that France was not the superpower they had once believed it
was, and nationalist feelings began to grow. As the nationalist
movement grew it became known as the FLN. At first its support was
very small, many Algerians cautious of the extremists, they were happy
with the peace that they lived with although they were exploited, not
many complained. The FLN decided they had to become more radical to
get noticed, and in November 1954 the insurrection began. The
leadership of the FLN consisted of two groups, the internals and
externals. The FLN were at first badly armed with less that 50% of
guerrilla fighters armed but with slowly increasing numbers. The FLN
had split the country into sections with one leader in charge of each;
they had planned to cause chaos in each wilaya so the French couldn't

However in contrast the French were very powerful, they outnumbered
the FLN and with badly organised members and poor communication links
the French army set out to crush nationalist feelings. They were keen
to show the world they were still a powerful nation, and to regain
their pride in their forces. They were determined not to be humiliated
again in Algeria. They were proud of Algeria and saw it as a
'mini-France'. The French reaction was to show a massive show of
force, arresting whole village...

... middle of paper ...

...old the groups

The evian agreement was made to assure that settlers in Algeria would
have the rights to dual citizenship and they would enjoy normal civil
and political rights and their properties would be safe. Arguments
were also taking place regarding who should own the sahara desert, De
Gaulle finally broke the deadlock by announcing his willingness to
give up the desert. The evian agreement called an immediate cease
fire, which was not respected by the army's OAS rebel group, who
attacked yet more Algerians. The agreement also confirmed that Algeria
and France would still trade with each other; with the signing of the
Evian Agreement on April the 7th 1962 Algeria was granted its

De Gaulle had broken the stalemate and negotiated a peaceful route to
independence for the Algerians.

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