Polygamy: Viewed as a Threat to Traditional Marriage Essay

Polygamy: Viewed as a Threat to Traditional Marriage Essay

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Polygamy: Viewed By Americans as a Threat to Traditional Marriage (Same Threat as Same-Sex Marriage) In 2008, officials raided the “Yearning for Zion Ranch, seizing more than 400 children” (Farah) on the grounds of suspected sexual and physical abuse (Associated). An anonymous phone call from a “terrified 16-year-old girl…who accused her 50-year-old husband of beating and raping her” as well as the information provided by an “informant” from inside the compound lead officials to believe that the women and children of this compound were in extreme danger (Associated). Therefore, Texas authorities found it justified to “separate mothers from many of the children taken in [the] raid” (Dobner). They also had reason to believe that “children are more truthful in interviews about possible abuse if their parents are not around” (Dobner). Supporters of the raid have based their support on the idea that “child welfare [was the]… center of the decision by officials in Texas” (Hamilton 161). Hopefully their actions were taken in time to help the children cope with the suspected trauma. However, how true was the danger? With the 16-year-old girl who was nowhere to be found and her alleged rapist husband on probation in another state, where were the justifications for the authorities’ actions (Farah)? It’s hard not to wonder if this raid really took place because of “what this group [was] capable of” (Associated) or because of preconceived notions and prejud...

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