Poverty and Social Inequalities in the Structure of Society Essay

Poverty and Social Inequalities in the Structure of Society Essay

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Poverty and Social Inequalities in the Structure of Society

Poverty can be defined differently, those of contradictory opinions on
poverty will probably also have dissimilar opinions on the causes of
poverty and the measurement of poverty. For example Marxists and
Feminists have ideologies based on conflict. Marxists believe that
there is a class struggle, and that the exploitation created by
capitalism creates poverty. Feminists believe that Patriarchy builds
in social inequalities and their ideologies are demonstrated by the
inequalities in salary between women and men. There is also research
proving that there are more women than men in poverty, and 93% of lone
parents in poverty are women. However conflicting arguments are held
by the New Right. Their supporters include Margaret Thatcher, Charles
Murray and David Marsland and their ideology is based on the
individual, and not society as a whole. The New Right believes that it
is through the individuals' laziness that poverty is caused.

Those that agree with the view that poverty is caused by the social
inequalities that are built into society are Marxists, Feminists and
Social Democrats. Marxists believe that the capitalist society is
structured by the economy, and this structure needs to be totally
transformed to be able to eradicate poverty. This would include a
revolutionary overthrow of capitalism because eventually the situation
will progress to a small minority of the bourgeoisie (ruling class)
and a pool of cheap labour, this is a strong view because there are
more people in poverty than those who are rich, and Marxists explained
this by suggesting that institutions in th...

... middle of paper ...

... the institutions that make up the superstructure of society, this is
proved to be true by statistics and opposing views cannot deny these
inequalities. However those that blame the individual for there
inability to escape the poverty trap are also backed by research and
there are examples in everyday life of individuals in poverty that do
not suffer social inequalities. I agree more with those that agree
that there are social inequalities built into society, but I do not
believe that they are the sole cause of all poverty, for example lone
parents in poverty are mostly women, and these women are paid fewer
benefits because they are assumed to have a male breadwinner in the
family who supports them. However I also believe that some poor people
are living off benefits because they choose to rather than being
forced to.

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