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Mix of the UK Economy Essay

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Mix of the UK Economy

The UK economy combines factors of both a free market economy and one
which is fully planned. This brings both advantages and disadvantages
as it limits the power of market forces, but on the other hand
restricts the influence the government has over supply and demand.
Since the 1980s the government in the UK has steadily reduced its
involvement in the economic system. This has been done through
privatisation, which means handing over control of services to private
companies and investors, for example British Gas or Railtrack.

A free market economy revolves around the central concept of supply
and demand. Consumers make individual decisions about purchases for
their own self-interest whilst producers aim to make the largest
profits by supplying exactly what the consumers desire. Resources are
not allocated by the government or any state organisation but via the
price mechanism. This means that the producers determine the supply
and the consumers determine the demand, the combination of these two
factors determines the price of a product.

A key feature of a market economy is the freedom of choice and
enterprise. This means that producers are free to obtain economic
resources for use in production and are then able to sell their
product in whichever way they choose. These people are known as
entrepreneurs and are only seen in a market economy. Another major
difference between free market and planned economies is the principle
of self-interest. The idea of capitalism is that individuals are free
to act as they wish and this translates into the concept of an entire
economy being built around the idea of self-...

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economy than a planned one, but the mix between the two is still
fairly equal. Many privatisations have been a success, such as British
Telecom, British Gas, and have provided the same service as a
nationalised company whilst remaining competitive. However, others
such as the privatisation of the UK's rail network have no been so
successful and many people yearn for a return to state control.
Personally, I feel that the mix between market and planned economies
in the UK is about right, although there are some services such as the
aforementioned rail network which I believe may be better run in the
hands of the government. On the other hand, if privatisation reduces
taxes and enable the government to concentrate on more essential
services such as health and education, then privatisation may be the
way forward.

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