One of Russia's Greatest Leaders: Peter the Great Essay

One of Russia's Greatest Leaders: Peter the Great Essay

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One of Russia's Greatest Leaders: Peter the Great

The world is chaotic by nature. For this reason, both men and women
alike have stepped forward to lead their people. As such, these people
have been gifted with valor and courage to take their countries into
ever lasting prosperity. An example of this kind of leader would be
the grand emperor of Russia, Peter the Great (1672-1725). Peter the
Great is a man who put his country before himself. As a matter of
fact, Peter died saving one of his servants who fell overboard on one
of his many expeditions. One will have to wonder what kind of man had
this much energy to revolutionize their countries. In accordance, one
will have to study the personal history of this great man.
Consequently, one should learn his methods in achieving his goals.
Such knowledge could help future leaders make more informed decisions.
Lastly, the study of his accomplishments will give us the scope of how
great the influence of this man had in his nation. To this extent,
people like this must be studied to honor and help further our nation
as a whole. Therefore, Peter the Great must be examined thoroughly
with the following criteria: The personal history of Peter, the
methods he employed to help achieve mother Russia's prerogative, and
finally what he has accomplished for Russia in his life span.

Peter was born in Moscow of the second marriage of his father, Alexis
I, who ruled Russia from 1645 to 1676. Alexis's first marriage to
Maria Miloslavsky, had produced 13 children, but only two of the sons,
Fyodor and Ivan survived. After Maria died in 1669 Alexis married
Natalia Naryshkin in 1671, and Peter, a stro...

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