Essay on The Success of Nazi Policies Toward Education and Youth

Essay on The Success of Nazi Policies Toward Education and Youth

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The Success of Nazi Policies Toward Education and Youth

Hitler and the Nazi party had a range of policies to control education
and the German youth. This was mainly to ensure loyalty to Hitler and
the Nazi party. Some believed in these policies and other did not but
it was fear and glory and the fear of social inadequacy that made most
comply. Hitler and the Nazis wanted to control the education system
and youth by controlling the teachers, pupils and the curriculum.

In April 1933, a law was passed that made membership of the NSDAP
compulsory for civil servants. Hitler and the Nazi party wanted the
teaching profession to be dominated by pro-Nazi teachers and so
"undesirable" teachers such as Jews and those who held left wing views
were removed. In 1935 the National Socialist Teachers Alliance,
NS-Lehrerbund, replaced all teachers groups. Basically all teachers,
by 1937, belonged to the NSLB and were rigorously controlled. There
was some disagreement from teachers but most accepted that in order
for Gleichschaltung to work, the ideological indoctrination of their
pupils was necessary. Some already well established nationalist
stronghold German universities were easily taken under Nazi control
with 12 000 "unsuitable" lecturers removed and control was passed to
"reliable" pro-Nazi rectors. Professors and lecturers were forced to
adjust to the new regime's requirements or they would be replaced.
Often men who lacked the experience and qualifications of University
professors and lecturers were appointed because they would apply the
indoctrination ideology. The number of Jewish entrants to schools and
universities was limited from 1933 ...

... middle of paper ...

... quite a good extent as an extremely large number of the
German youth belonged to the Hitler Youth Movement and did provide
total obedience and were proud to be part of Hitler's youth. It was
mainly successful in achieving its aims but it caused a lot of
problems in German homes resulting in rifts between families, and it
taught the youth that Hitler was their conscience and they were
ideologically indoctrinated which in the end left them unable of free
thought and actions, basically everything they did was controlled and
based on what they were taught to do. It was not successful with all
youth though as there were a lot of student and youth organizations
that were formed which opposed Hitler and the Nazis ideology. So
basically Hitler and the Nazis policies to an extent were successful
but at a great cost to society.

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