Essay on The Incas and the Aztecs

Essay on The Incas and the Aztecs

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The Incas and the Aztecs Before the Spanish and Portuguese "discovered" the New World, there
were many groups of people already living in South and Central
America. Two of these groups were the Incas and the Aztecs. The Incas
lived mainly in Peru, and the Aztecs lived mainly in what is today
Mexico City. Although these two groups probably never came on contact
with one another, they had many similar traits. This is probably
partly because of the influences on them by traveling tribes. It is
more likely that the similarities of the tribes are based on the
similar conditions they lived with and the problems they faced.
However, they are also very different. This is obvious because they
were two separate tribes, and if they were too similar then one
couldn't distinguish them from each other.

The Inca Empire was centered on Machu Pichu in Peru. The Inca were
skilled in engineering and in craft production. The hierarchy of Incan
society went from the Emperor at the top to the Laborers at the
bottom. Each social class had a different role in their society. The
Incas were polytheistic, which means they had many gods, and each of
these gods had a story that went along with them. This is why the
priest was such a high class. He had to know so much and have a
religious answer for anything. He was in the third rank right under
the royal family. There were also "mamacunas" which were basically
nuns. The job of the priest was so great that he had these nuns to
help him. Though they had ceremonies for many different events, they
were most concerning agriculture or illn...

... middle of paper ...

...was given to warriors and nobles for strength.

The Incas and Aztecs were similar and different in the ways
aforementioned. The similarities were in the social classes, were both
polytheistic, the both had an emperor, ate similar foods, and lived
under similar conditions. The differences were language, levels of
social classes, importance of music and dance, and the importance of
architecture. A major difference was their lifestyle. The Aztecs were
war-like people, and were always picking fights with other tribes. The
Incas were a more peaceful society; one in which everyone did their
share, but they were more gentle and less rigid than the Aztecs. The
Incas did have powerful armies, but they would rather wait to be
attacked than cause a fight.



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