Essay about The Weimar Republic

Essay about The Weimar Republic

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The Weimar Republic The Weimar Republic was set-up in January 1919. It seemed like a new
start for Germany after the revolution, this new republic was a
democracy, chosen by the people. However, the Weimar Republic, like
many new parliaments, was having teething troubles.

The main trouble came from the communists. In March they organised
strikes, demonstrations, riots, etc. in Berlin. Their one aim, to win
power. They wanted to model Germany on Bolshevik Russia.

The Weimar Republic's solution to this problem was to send in the
Freikorps. They were ordered to shoot anyone carrying a gun. During
just a few days over a thousand people were shot dead. The Free Corps
were ruthless, on one occasion thirty sailors were slaughtered as they
collected their wages.

The other party who'd sought to win power in Germany had been the
Independent Socialists. They had much support in Bavaria but were not
so strong nationally. They had set up a republic of their own in
November 1918 and it was not particularly in a position where by the
republic could change hands to another political party. This all
changed, however, in February 1919 when Eisner, their leader was shot
dead by a right wing, nationalist student. Such was the man's
popularity in Bavaria that his funeral was attended by over 100,000
people. With Eisner dead the question was, who should take control

The Communists argued with the democratic socialists and came out
victorious. In March 1919, Bavaria was made into a Soviet Republic.
Under the new communist regime, houses, food, cars and clot...

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life, saw party politics brought into disrepute, and as such people
lost interest in their governments. parties were unable to form
effective coalitions with each other because of their antagonistic
nature. The number of people who did not exercise their right to vote
in 1919 was 16%; in 1928 that figure had increased to 26%. People
thought less about the people they were voting for and this may have
been one reason that they were so easily won over by the very powerful
Nazi propaganda in the late 1920s. There were a very broad range of
parties in Weimar Germany, with differing views on how to run the
country. There were parties like the democratic SPD, committed to the
Republic, and then those like the DNVP, whose leader, Alfred
Hugenburg, said: "I believe in government by the elect few, not by the

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