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Essay about Word Experiment

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Word Experiment The experiment started by making up between 1-6 word lists. To make
the experiment easy to understand ill use 2 word lists. On one of the
word lists I put a list of random words which are in different
categories muddled up. For example: Rabbit and horse are both animals
and shoes and trousers are both types of clothing. Now then you muddle
those words up. You need about 24 words because there are 6 categories
with four words in each, 6 x 4 =24. On the second word list use the
same words, but this time put the category names on the sheet with the
right words which fit under the specific category. Once you have done
that you need two groups of people about 5 in each. Present group 1
with one of the word lists and present the other group with the other
list. It doesn't matter which group gets which sheet. Give the
participants one-minute to memorise the names on the sheets. After one
minute has passed, present the group who had the category names the
piece of paper just with the category names on and the other group a
blank piece of paper and tell them to write down all the names they
could remember in two minutes. This procedure can be replicated by
using the information above. The group with the category names (cues),
should remember more words than the group with the muddled up words,
because the group has cues to remind them, however, the other group
hasn't therefore wont remember as many words.

The ethical issues in doing this experiment might involve cheating or
deception. To stop the ethical issues taking place I can make sure,

... middle of paper ...

... not fit with the findings from total cued recall (writing down
words with the categories). There was essentially no retroactive
interference or forgetting when the category names were available to
the participants. The forgetting observed in total free recall was
basically cue dependent forgetting.

Overall the experiment achieved the right results and gave me a clear
understanding and a clear conclusion that when given cues to memorise
words, you can remember many more than when not given cues for
specific words, like condition A.


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