Essay about English Speech: Terrorism

Essay about English Speech: Terrorism

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English Speech: Terrorism

Good (morning/afternoon) and welcome to my speech. Today I would like
to enlighten you with a subject that I feel strongly about. That
subject is terrorism and what it has done to the world. My personal
opinion is that terrorism is something that is causing havoc in this
place called earth and it should stopped before it gets out of our

The word terrorism in the English dictionary means "violent action for
political purposes." This is the proper definition but my definition
differs a little. My definition is a bunch of scumbags trying to kill
other people as a hobby. Acts of terrorism has become a major issue in
the past year and a half. Who could forget those dreadful pictures of
September 11th? This was the day when the twin towers collapsed and
claimed the lives of thousands of people. These events were acts of
terrorism. They were carried out by probably America's most wanted
Osama Bin Laden. He thinks that he is some sort of messenger from God
and God is telling him to do these ...

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