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The film Falling Down Essay

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The film Falling Down

Falling Down is a film about a man who we know very little about (at
the start) apparently trying to get home to see his family, it is his
little girls birthday.

The film opens with the camera coming out of his mouth and showing his
face then the rest of his body, you notice that he is wearing a white
shirt and tie. It then moves around the scene showing you that he is
very hot and stuck in a traffic jam, it shows the people in the cars
around him, and his reactions to these people. One of the more
striking reactions is to a group of black kids in a bus with an
American flag on the side. The camera moves around the scene more and
comes to show you that the number plate of his car is D-FENS, this
tell you a lot about the character, that he probably works for the
defence industry, he is a military man, patriotic and well
disciplined. As the music in the background gets more intense you can
see the anxiety and the feeling of being trapped growing on his face,
this, and the music is suddenly relived when he jumps out of his car
and walks away from the traffic jam with nothing but his briefcase.

It is at this point that the other main character is introduced, an
old stereotypical good cop called Vandergas, the good guy. This is all
part of the Propp theory of media, but not as conventional as they are
meant to be. You find out it is his last day (also stereotypical for
the good guy cop in films)

After getting out of his car he walks through to phone his wife form a
phone box. At this point one of the main enigma codes of the story
sets in when he is on the phone to his wife he doesn't say anything,
and s...

... middle of paper ...

...res. These are all part of one enigma code, does he
like other cultures? The main character has also been very easy to
relate to, he does all the things we would like to do but would never
have the guts to do, a classic example of this is a bit later in the
film where he complains to the staff in a fast food restaurant about
the quality of the burger he gets in comparison to the picture of the
burger on the wall. This is meant to make the audience like him and
slightly warp his character on one hand he is a maniac with a bag full
of guns, but on the other he is jut an average man who is just trying
to get home. This causes mixed feelings for the audience, they don't
know if they should like or dislike him, which you will do depending
upon the type of social class that you are and how he treats that
class in the film.

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