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Sociology Research and Comprehension Essays

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Sociology Research and Comprehension

The phrase 'the welfare state is the nanny state' would be inaccurate
in M'Calman's view, as she regards welfare as an important aid to
underprivileged people who are finding it difficult to survive in
current social and economic conditions. M'Calman states that 'the
welfare state has been derided as the nanny state.'1 She is saying
that 'nanny state' is intended as a derogatory term used to ridicule
the welfare state, whose job is to assist people who genuinely require
financial assistance in order to better the quality of life for
themselves and their children.


The given readings put forward opposed points of view on the
relationship between the 'underclass' and welfare. Robinson, Gregson
(1992) and

Mead (1989) offer the suggestion that welfare benefits designed for
the socially disadvantaged have actually 'fostered dependency,'2 and
this effectively 'deters employment.'3 Fred Robinson and Nicky Gregson
present both liberal and conservative points of view on the surfacing
of an 'underclass,' and the underlying causes are. It is cited within
their work that the 'underclass' is 'an undeserving sub-group of the
poor, who couldn't, wouldn't (and even shouldn't) be helped.'4 Mead
also gives evidence that the relationship between socially
disadvantaged and welfare programs, is one based on dependency. It is
argued within his article that 'welfare recipients are not very
responsive to economic incentives'6 and prefer the convenience that
government welfare programs offer. This is supported by the notion
that 'the underclass were actually being trapped by welfare.'5


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