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The First World War Essay

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The First World War

c) The Following were equally important reasons why the stalemate on
the Western Front was finally broken:

new technology like the tank

the American entry into the war

the blockading of German ports

the German offensive in March 1918

Explain how far you agree with this statement.

All of the reasons suggested above do play a part in why the stalemate
on the Western Front was finally broken. Although, each reason stated
is not equally important and there are other reasons as to why the
stalemate did break and these must be considered also.

The first suggested reason to be considered was the use of new
technology, yet, however advance the technology was, precautions and
counter-actions were then made almost immediately so that, in effect,
the technology itself became stalemated.

Machine guns mowed down on comers, but as "no-man's-land" crossing was
considered suicidal and so was very unadvisable, most soldiers did not
attempt to cross, so the stalemate continued. Tanks were introduced to
cross "no-man's-land" but commanders could not use them effectively
until 1917 and even then, they sunk in the mud. The few that did
cross, unfortunately when they arrived at the enemy trenches they were
almost immediately destroyed and so the stalemate continued.

Gas was a vicious discovery to the new technology; poison gas,
chlorine gas and mustard gas were used to disable opposition,
although, gas was only used effectively if weather conditions were
right (winds affected the way the gas blew) and gas was then countered
by the invention of the gas mask. Attack by air became popular, yet as
new as th...

... middle of paper ...

strategy devised by Foch blew away the German's; due to the allies'
united, combined attack and so the stalemate was eventually broken.
The obvious defeat of the German's and the revolution in Germany
eventually led to a ceasefire on the 11th of November 1918. The
German's had surrendered, the stalemate was broken, and the allies had

So, as it has been explained, the four factors said originally were
not equally important, there were other major factors to consider and
so those reasons were not sufficient by themselves to break the
stalemate on the Western Front. The United State's entry into the war
and Foch's clever strategically planned counter-attack were the
reason's why the stalemate on the Western Front eventually broke and
so the statement suggested previously cannot possibly be agreed with.

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