Stem Cell Research - Embryonic Stem Cells are Human Essay

Stem Cell Research - Embryonic Stem Cells are Human Essay

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Embryonic Stem Cells are Human

    Some parties in the human-embryo stem-cell research (ESCR) debate are oblivious to one basic fact: Embryonic Stem Cells Are Human - which is the focus of this essay. ESCR involves post-conception research, regardless of how well the proponents try to disguise the fact.


It's either a life or it's not a life, and it's not much of an argument to say the embryo is going to die anyway. What kind of principle is that? Prisoners on death row are going to die anyway, the homeless are going to die anyway, prisoners in Nazi death camps were going to die anyway. Why not start disemboweling prisoners for these elusive "cures"?


Meanwhile, every Republican with a doddering, 90-year-old parent seems to be enthusiastically supportive on experimenting on human embryos, or "blastocysts," as they are affectionately known to the "scientific community." This generation is so appalled at the idea of having to take care of mom and dad, now they're lashing out at embryos.


Admittedly, the real problem is with the creation of test-tube...

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