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It is very common for teenagers to wish to gain some freedom by earning a small income.  This is often achieved through employment at fast-food chains, markets, restaurants, and shops.  As a result of the amount of time consumed by these occupations, much of a teenager's life tends to focus on the people and events that are central to these places of employment.  Sammy, the main character in John Updike's story "A&P," is a superb representation of the teen employee.  

Updike places his character in a typical setting and allows the readers to view the events of the story from the perspective of a teen.  By doing this, he makes it simple for readers to relate with Sammy and his experiences.  In reflection of experiences with a job at a bicycle shop, I find customers to be the most abhorrent and comparable aspect that both Sammy and I have encountered: after walking in the door, they seem to transform into cattle, and they have high hopes for an employee's error.

    A customer's tendency to resemble an animal in a herd is the cause...

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