Essay about "A Passage to India" by E. M. Forster is Not a Political Novel

Essay about "A Passage to India" by E. M. Forster is Not a Political Novel

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Yes, I agree with EM Forster that A Passage to India is not a political novel. Instead, it explores the vastness of infinity and seems (at first) to portray nothing. In those two words alone, `infinity', and `nothing', is the allusion of wondering, and wandering spirits. The title, A Passage to India, evokes a sense of journey and destination. When we string these two ideas together the novel begins to reveal itself as a garland worn in humble tribute to India. With this garland around his neck, Forster also pays homage to the Shri Krishna consciuousness as expressed through the Hindu religion. The clumsy attempts of the two great religions of Christianity and Islam to understand India represent forster's own efforts, and the journey he makes to India is tracked throughout the novel.

The characters in the novel hold a relationship with the title. They each make a journey towards self-realization and for some (Adela, Mrs Moore, Aziz) the price of passage proves painful and disturbing. The culmination of their despair is highlighted by the expedition to the Marabar caves. The Marabar caves are significant as a destination. What they are destined for proves to be nothing or so it seems to Mrs Moore and Adela. If Nothing, nothing attaches to them, and their reputation for they have one - does not depend on human speech [chapter 12], then, according to the Brahman (Hindu transcendent) Dr.Narayan Godbole, there is something there - there is a presence. In his conversation with Fielding in chapter 19, after the arrest of Dr. Aziz, Godbole explains how absence implies presence. The reference to `nothing' is found again in chapter 12 where; `nothing' would be added to the sum of good and evil, and again in chapter 14 where...

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...ot; to the voice of the novel which speaks of the presence and "the universe (which) offered no repose to (Mrs Moore's) soul"[chpt.14] The Brahman meets Mrs Moore on her passage. Perhaps she will reincarnate and begin the cycle again. Aziz feels the `cycle' when he meets Ralph who reminds him strongly of Mrs Moore. The Hindu voice reminds us that the dead (Mrs Moore) as well as the living (Aziz and Fielding) are making their passage, and one day their souls will be accepted by the Supreme Godhead and they will not have to return to the earth and its miserable cycle. In he meantime, all must make their own passage to India. The om echoes in the last line of the novel, "...the earth didn't want it...the temples...the birds...the guest house...they said in their hundred voices, "no, not yet", and the sky said, "No, not there".

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