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George Orwell was the pen name for Eric Arthur Blair (1903-1950), who growing up in London was aware of some of the atrocities people lived through during a time of war. Orwell who had worked for the British military police, disliked the cruelties of the imperial system, and had distrust for a tyrannical government. He blends various components that are representative of the regimes and philosophies of Stalin, Mussolini, and Hitler in his novel, 1984. This novel provides a look inside the life of a man living in a totalitarian future society in which individuals had no rights of free speech, free publication, free association, or the right to form political parties. There would be only one governmental party (Ingsoc), which imposed its dictatorial rule over the people. This party would have complete control over individuals' work, leisure, religion, and private lives. His character, Winston, epitomizes the deterioration of individual thought, free will, and ability to be independent. Through the propaganda machine and techniques of the Party, Winston's uniqueness and individuality is destroyed and replaced by drone-like loyalty and obedience to the will of the Party.

In Orwell's writing of a totalitarian society and future, he uses elements and symbols from past and present governments. He writes of three superstates in 1984, Oceania (Germany), Eurasia (Russia), and Eastasia (Italy), where Oceania was at war with Eurasia and in alliance with Eastasia. All three of these countries and their governments portray a totalitarian lifestyle where they have control over everything, even to the point of thought and emotions. Winston, the main character in 1984 said, "Your worst enemy was your own nervous system. At any momen...

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