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Mhlophe herself, in her foward to the Love Child collection of writings, refers to these writings as "this journey of my life's experiences." This aptly captures the major theme of these works. The two works under discussion, 'Transforming Moments' and 'Love Child', both reflect back onto Mhlophe's life's experiences. However each of her stories reflect back in a different way. Transforming moments is a direct recollection and narrative of her experiences at age seventeen in standard nine at boarding school in Mt Frere in the Eastern Cape. Love Child, on the other hand, is written as an imaginative, fictional short story with an underlying moral. Mhlophe, in her foward, says that she is a love child herself, having a Xhosa mother and a Zulu father. Therefore she wrote Love child in reaction to the "Zulu-Xhosa War" in South Africa in the early 90's. the magic drum in the story represents the influence of the artist community in South Africa at the tim, she explains, including her own work as an artist " we were able to open doors, bring together people."

Transforming Moments, as its title states, focuses on a particular time in her life when Mhlophe was inspired and transformed to use the arts to express herself and realise her identity. her school work was exceptionally good but at the beginning of this particular time period, for example when she was in the first half of standard nine, she had a low self-esteem, regarding herself as ugly. However her church Minister, Father Fikeni, like Mhlophe and encouraged her. When the school choir rejected her because of her deep voice, Father Fekeni welcomed her into the church choir, describing her voice as "resonant". The big tranforming...

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...e motivated to change their attitudes, or even to change some aspects of society itself. "The Crocodile Spirit" captures the atmosphere when all South Africans were first allowed to vote, after the Apartheid Era, Mhlophe writes " many...were united in spirit, and carried away on a huge wave of triumph." This is inspirational writing, with the hpoe that others will also grasp the joy when certain things in society are changed, and are motivated to do their part in these changes.

In her conclusion to her foward to the collection "Love Child" Mhlophe states that "We are all called to work, each one of us; like soldiers, we must serve our country; just as we did before. It's obvious that the struggle is far from over. Everyone remember that". This is a clear example of her rallying call in her writing for changes in society.

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