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Specific Purpose Statement: To inform my audience about how the Dutch go about in dealing with their social problem

Central Idea: When it comes to dealing with its social problems the Dutch do so with an attitude of tolerance and respect


I. Imagine the reaction if George Bush announced tomorrow that he was planning to legalize prostitution, marijuana, gay marriages and Euthanasia there probably would be uproar.

II. People would say he'd lost his mind, arguing that his plans would be nothing but a recipe for disaster possibly resulting in social anarchy.

III. Yet there is a country that not only practices these policies, but also has had huge success in doing so.

A. This Country is Holland and like any other society in the world, it has its fair share of social problems

IV. Today I hope to inform you about the unique way the Dutch go about in dealing with their social problems

(Transition: I'll begin with Prostitution)


I. Prostitution of some form has been around for more than 2,000 years

II. The Dutch Government accepts it as something they can't change and so don't get uptight about it. It will happen anyway, whether its prohibited or not

A. So they legalize it

1. The logic is simple - tolerate it and have control of it, prohibit it and subsequently watch it spiral out of control.

B. Basically legalizing it prevents prostitution from going underground.

1. And with it under their watchful eye they can then promote safe sex and hygiene and generally prevent the mistreatment of women forced to work as prostitutes.

C. Because they are licensed, Prostitutes must undergo regular health examinations, with Aids tests done every half a yea...

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... Paper (24 May 2003)

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