Essay on O. Henry and His Writing Tendency

Essay on O. Henry and His Writing Tendency

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This paper begins with a brief introduction to O.Henry and his writing style. Then the author introduces the history background of O¡¤Henry and his life experience. After that the paper analyzes the impact of the above factors on his writing style.

O¡¤Henry lived in a time of declination of romanticism and prosperity of realism, experiencing great changes though the whole life, watching the cruelty of capitalism and showing strong mercy to those ordinary people who struggled for living. All those gave him the source of writing and the impulse of satirizing. His warm humor and his ironic twist gained him the great honor in the history of literature.


¢ñ.A brief introduction to O.Henry and his writing style

A. O.Henry, a prolific short-story writer

B. The combination of the realism and romanticism, vague satirical style

¢ò.The two main factors, which influence O.Henry¡¯s writing style

A. The history background in which O.Henry lived

  1. Declination of romanticism
  2. Prosperity of realism

B. O.Henry¡¯s rich and complicated life experience which was full of great changes

¢ó.The impact of the above factors upon O.Henry¡¯s writing style

A. The impact of O.Henry¡¯s complicated and dramatic life experience

  1. Inspiring him to write
  2. Emphasizing the ordinary but characteristic people from all walks of life
  3. Mastering the surprise endings with humorous or satiric effect

B. The impact of historical background

  1. Realistic pessimism reflected in his works
  2. Remai...

    ... middle of paper ...

    .... His stories appeal to all because of his generic yet easy to relate to characters. People could easily see what the characters were about.

    The works of O.Henry are dramatic, satiric, and realistic conbined with romanticism, which carries the mark of his times, and reflects struggles between his mankind goodness and his desperation in reality.


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