Essay on Windmill Hill

Essay on Windmill Hill

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The novel Windmill Hill written by Michael Jacobson uses techniques such as emotive language, point of views, symbolism, manipulation of time and descriptive language to make the reader agree and sympathise towards the values presented in the novel.

A value presented in the novel would be, the reality of ageing. Techniques have been used to present this value to the reader. An example of this technique is the use of descriptive language. This technique is used to make the vision of ageing more realistic to the reader, allowing them to have a more personal view towards the subject of ageing. Pages 170 which shows the symptoms of ageing has been successful in influencing how I feel on the point on ageing. "its wasn't easy to recognise that Blink with the one who didn't know what he'd eaten for breakfast less than an hour ago, or couldn't recognise that the man talking to Isobel in the kitchen was his youngest son and my father Tommy or Whiskers." The use of descriptive language on the subject of ageing has made me sympathise towards Blink. It has made me realise that ageing is a process that no one can escape and thus we must grow to accept it. Another value presented in the novel which is not too far off ageing would be the reality of death. To convey the message to the reader, Michael has used techniques such as descriptive and emotive language including first person point of view. These techniques. Especially the use of first person point of view allows me to be more involved in the situation. First person point of view has also allowed me to acquire a first hand view of war and death. " you could be gnawed by the rats until you didn't care anymore" "you could die by shellfire, by bombs and mines that blew a person apart and ...

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...trast to war which signifies death and destruction. The garden, further more is a creation to make up for the loss of Angus. Lastly, it represents the life that Blink has lived and his essence. The garden is thus a very important thing in the novel as it is critical to understanding Blink and the past experiences and friends of Blink that the garden signifies. Personally, I feel that nature does nourish us. It gives me a sense of peace and quiet which is what Blink I think was trying to acquire. Symbolism has made me realise that a garden is more than what meets the eye. There are deep hidden meanings within them.

The techniques in the novel such as symbolism, point of view, manipulation of time, has made me sympathetic towards the values discussed in novel. It has given me a new look on issues presented in the text. Such as on the issue of death and nature.

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