Islam Does NOT Advocate Terrorism Essay

Islam Does NOT Advocate Terrorism Essay

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A few years ago, an extreme offshoot of al-Qaeda proclaimed itself a caliphate in the Middle East. Today, the entire world has witnessed ISIS commit brutal crimes against humanity, including beheadings and other horrific acts of violence as well as its unlawful seizure and destruction of public and private property in Iraq, Syria and beyond. Because of this, many people think that Islam requires fighting non-Muslims, killing, invading other lands, etc. All these thoughts about Islam are totally wrong.

Islam does not advocate any form of terrorism. Islam is not responsible for any terror operations done by any movements that relates itself to Islam. According to the text mentioned in the Holy Quran, killing a person is like killing all humankind, and saving a person is like saving all humankind. I wonder how could some people think that a religion that includes this text in its religious book is responsible for such crimes. The problem is not Islam itself, but the way people understand Islam and the way Muslims represent Islam. In fact, I think that many people should focus more on what’s the reason behind the spread of terrorism among Muslims, instead of focusing on the religion or country that produces these movements. In other words, they must realize tha...

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...otect themselves against those who try to attack Muslims. Unfortunately, many Islamic extremists all over the Islamic world, especially Saudi Arabia, misunderstand this concept or try to use this concept as a justification to their bad practices against civilians in other western countries. In fact, I would prefer discussing the Lesser Jihad in a separated blog post incorporating Al Qa’eda as a terror movement who interpret Jihad the way they want.

Works cited:

Cook, David. “The Greater Jihad and the Lesser Jihad.” Understanding Jihad. Berkeley and Los Angeles: The Regents of the University of California, 2005. 35-39. Print.

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