Essay about Social Change in The Human Project

Essay about Social Change in The Human Project

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Some of the social changes discussed in this paper are from the book The Human Project; others are social changes I have seen in my everyday life. I will also discuss the views of modernist, conservatives, and post-modernist. I will give a brief idea of what I think Multiculturalism is and how it has effected me in the good ways and bad ways.

I am a minority myself being from an East Indian household, I was born in Canada. I have been through much discrimination growing up in a middle class; English speaking, white neighbourhood, but more then me, my parents have had it much harder. My First memory or discrimination is when I was six years old and my dad had taken me and my siblings swimming at a public swimming pool where two white teens started calling my dad a "paki." At the time I did not understand why they where saying it but now I do. It made them feel more powerful then us (the minority) and because they where not willing to accept that there are people living in their neighbourhood who are not of the same background or skin colour.. This is the number one change I have seen in the past years, understanding and respecting that Canada is not a country of only "subjects" (white middle class, Middle aged, English speaking males) but a country of many backgrounds, religions and cultures. The second social change I have seen is in Politics. If you look at the liberal party of Canada you will see many people from many different backgrounds on that one Party. It mimics what Canada is. Different tones and colours of skin uniting as one to make Canada a better place for everyone to live in. The third social change I have seen is in the schools. Even though in Canada we have Catholics schools and public school, in our public sc...

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...did not realize that change equals progress we would not be such a great country to live in, instead people of different backgrounds would be afraid to come to this country because they would be discriminated against. My parents came here with the idea of opening a business, having their children go to school and really having a fighting chances at life and that's what the have done because of the changes of laws, education and family relating to multiculturalism. If they did not change I would not feel safe walking down the street or coming to school. I would be afraid that someone might hurt me because I am a minority but I'm not afraid. Canada is the best place to live. If I believed in the conservatism view I would say that Canada is a conservative country because of all the cultures and backgrounds that have made this country one of the best places in the world.

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