Effects of Cocaine, Seratonin and Melatonin on the Brain Essay

Effects of Cocaine, Seratonin and Melatonin on the Brain Essay

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    Abstract: The human brain is the most complex organ in the body. Its functions control every aspect of life. It is important to attempt to comprehend the workings of the brain and to learn the effects of natural and unnatural substances on it. In order to look at chemical effects on the brain, one must first get an understanding for the chemicals as well as how the brain works to interpret and react to signals set out by these chemicals, rhythmically and physiologically. Several chemicals observed include: cocaine (and other chemicals), seratonin, and melatonin.


Nature and life are full of rhythms. Rhythms in nature include: day and night, seasons, tides, and lunar and solar cycles. Humans are driven by rhythms like: heartbeats, breathing rates, sleep patterns and brain rhythms which include chemical and hormonal secretion. Without rhythms, life would be uncontrollable and chaotic.


We know relatively very little about the complex organ called the brain. Our brain responds to nature's eternal external rhythms like seasons, tides, the sun and the moon. Animal instincts for survival are based on rhythms and drives of the brain. The brain is a collection of tissues that perform and respond to basic functions, desires and needs. The human brain is the most changed, enriched and complex brain through evolutionary terms, however, in its most basic form, it is the same as other brains of the Animal Kingdom. If one eliminates the cerebral cortex, one basically eliminates humanity and the brain becomes identical to that of a cat. If one removes even more, the brain becomes like that of an iguana.


However, the human brain is not that simple, which makes it even more sensitive and fragile to outside forces...

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