Working at a Fast-food Place Prepares Students for Life Essay

Working at a Fast-food Place Prepares Students for Life Essay

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One day, after my friend and I got out of school, we talked about where we wanted to go eat. I suggested the nearby Jack in the Box. My friend then got a weird look on his face and said, "No, I hate that place. It's dirty and the people don't even speak English there (Corey)."

Many people get a bad impression of fast food restaurants. Most don't realize how much fast food has actually helped out many people. It has helped many teenagers out with new jobs and experience in the real world. It has helped young people have an income to pay for schooling. Many older people have worked at fast food places as managers and franchisers. People need to look past the surface and see what fast food restaurants are doing for the community and change their thinking towards fast food restaurants.

A fast food restaurant is a place where you can get your food in less than five-ten minutes. Most of them have drive thrus ((note to peer review) should this be spelled this way?). A fast food place also should have an area where people are able to sit down and eat their food. The kinds of fast food restaurants that I have in mind are places like McDonalds, KFC, Jack in the Box, Carl's Jr., etc...

Another thing that I should define is my use of immigrant. To me, an immigrant is anyone who recently made his or her way onto United State's soil. The type of immigrant that I refer to is the one that does not know the English language that well, or they are illegal immigrants. I do not mean to be offensive in any way in my referring to immigrants.

Generally speaking, most people view fast food jobs as a low-class job and therefore don't want anything to do with it. They think very poorly of the people that have jobs in fast food and treat the em...

... middle of paper ...'t like about it is the demands they make of their employees.

I think that there area bad managers out there as well as good managers out there. You will find that in any job. I currently have two managers. One is a very fun guy while the other can be quite demanding at times. You simply learn to get along with them.

In conclusion I think that people should not look at fast food jobs as a bad job. They should look at all the employees that have once worked at a fast food place and see how they have turned out. If many went around and asked people they know if they have ever had a fast food job, they would be surprised how many have worked there. Those jobs teach many people how to adapt to the outside world. They don't shelter you from anything. You are able to gain valuable job experience that will look good on future resumes and learn basic life skills.

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