Convenience or Quality? Essay

Convenience or Quality? Essay

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One evening, I went with my family to eat at a restaurant called The Olive Garden. When we arrived, we went inside only to find that we had to wait for one hour before a table would become available. My family and I had to stand outside of the restaurant for a good portion of this time. While I was standing there, I looked across the street and noticed that there were five fast food restaurants surrounding the shopping center. These places had no line in them and people were seated and enjoying their meals. This made it very tempting to just ditch the restaurant, walk across the street, and start eating.

Fast food is everywhere. Most people in the United States cannot travel more than a few blocks without seeing a fast food restaurant. Fast food covers almost every culture. We have American, which is a McDonalds or Jack in the Box. We have Chinese, which is Panda Express. We have Mexican, which is Taco Bell or Del Taco. The list goes on. The reason for all of these restaurants is the convenience of getting the food you want when you want it. The cost of the food is relatively low and tastes fairly good.

What food classifies as fast food? My definition of fast food is a place that has drive through or a sit-down area, inside or outside the building. This is a place where you can get your food in less than five minutes without waiting in huge lines. Some people might consider that fast food is food that you can get at the supermarket or local gas station. I say that this does not classify as fast food because in gas stations there are no places to sit down and eat (most places). In a supermarket you have to stand in a line and checkout. Most of the stuff that you will get at a supermarket is things that you will later have ...

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... foods, he would be fat in no time.

In conclusion, I think that fast food restaurants are relatively good. They offer many option that restaurants don't have and vice versa. However fast food places are more for convenience and a quick meal for someone who doesn't have time to eat. This is why they lack in areas such as service or quality. The restaurant on the other hand offers a sit-down meal with great service. They offer a family environment that is very clean and well kept. Throughout the typing of this paper I conclude that fast food is neither good nor bad. It is all due to personal preference and the situation that someone is in. Both offer great food, both offer enough food to make you full, and they both have adequate selection. Even if the place didn't have what you wanted, there are multiple places where you can get any kind of dish that you want.

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