Essay on Cyborgs: a Twisted Double Standard

Essay on Cyborgs: a Twisted Double Standard

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It's difficult to imagine technology as an extension of our bodies, of ourselves. We use technology, we exercise all of a piece of a technology's resources, and then we dispose of it and replace it with a new, and frequently more advanced, technology. But if examined closely, it is evident that technology is not just a means of achieving desired results, but has become an integral and essential part of our lives. Shirts, heating, forks, laundry machines, all of these are technologies that we use to enhance ourselves and our lives. In books the term "cybernetics" is used to describe computer gadgets and electrical physical enhancements, like robotic arms. However, cybernetics is more encompassing than that, and includes anything we use to enhance our natural state. In this regard, clothing, utensils, and the simple machines we use in our homes, all count as cybernetic enhancements. Chislenko, in his article on cybernetics, states that these are examples of wrapping and external aids; the simplest form of cyborgization. Cyborgization, or "the merger of biological and technological elements (Chislenko)," is not a modern phenomenon, nor a vision of the future, as Chislenko suggests. "While people have been playing with the images of cyborg future of their bodies, they have overlooked the ongoing process of functional cyborgization they were already taking part in." And this functional cyborgization is on a global scale. Every person on the planet is in someway reliant on technology to perform their daily, necessary functions, from showering to eating. Being a cyborg isn't all bad though: You become more efficient, more capable, and physically superior to those who haven't cybernetically enhanced themselves. Those with gla...

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... events to come. This disrespect and abuse of technology will only breed contempt within the cyborg community, as they do not have an emotional loyalty to their creators as Haraway states. "Illegitimate children are often exceedingly unfaithful to their origins (2271)." This contempt could create a bleak future, as in Terminator 1 and its nuclear holocaust. Yet there is hope that the future can be a world in which all beings, machine or human or cyborg, can live in peace with one another. In the past racial and gender barriers have been taken down, religious persecution ended, and other differences put aside in the hope of peace. The truth is that we all want the same thing; to be able to live our lives how we choose, without having to worry about being prejudiced against or persecuted because we're different; and we're really not all that different anyways.

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