Essay about The Importance of the Family in Louisa May Alcott Little Women

Essay about The Importance of the Family in Louisa May Alcott Little Women

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Many times people are asked to think about what is important to them. A person may say their home, car, children, material items and some may even say family. In the book Little Women (1868-1869) written by Louisa May Alcott illustrates several family values. The story of the March family starts out during the civil war in New England. The family is left to survive on their own because their father went to protect his country. During the years of life the March children, Margaret (Meg), Josephine (Jo), Beth and Amy, had to face the fact that they were very poor, and couldn't have everything that they fancied. As the family stayed home and awaited the return of their father they received "fatherly" support from an old neighbor Mr. Laurence. Mr. Laurence was a wealth man, who came across as cranky, only to be latter found out to be a loving caring man with a large heart. As the March family continues through the hard times of life they continue strong because they are blessed with family. The theme of Little Women is that family is a very important part of a person's life, anything is possible with support from the family.

When the March family seemed to be at one of the lowest times they stuck together the most. It was the middle of the war and Mr. March wasn't home, money was very scares and everyone had to make sacrifices. Each girl seemed to want more than they could have, when Marmee, which is what the girls called Mrs. March, only wanted her children to be happy and her husband to come home safely. Yet once again through this time, family was important. During one of the nights while the girls sat and sewed at their mother's feet the story of the family is told. At a time of poverty at it's worst, Aunt March suggested...

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...elegram is sent to the March home that Mr. March has fallen ill. Mrs. March quickly prepares to go and nurse him back to health, but once again the lack of money dampens the plans. In Jo's desire to help out she goes to town and sells her hair for money and collects twenty-five dollars to contribute to the travels. Jo taught the lesson that a family must make sacrifices.

Even though life was tough and money was short, the March family knew what must be done and they did it together. "From dances to despairs, through weddings and funerals, the March girls stand as sisters."(back cover) Everything the girls ever wanted came true, but that would not have happened if they did not have the support and love from their family. Everything is possible with the help and love that comes with being a family.

Alcott, Louisa May, Little Women. New York: Scholatic Inc.2000

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