The Journey for Love

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The Inferno, the depths of hell where all evil rests, is where Dante begins his journey. Dante's journey begins in a wilderness, and at this moment Dante's reasons for his journey become clear. Let us discuss the question as to why Dante goes on this journey through Hell. By doing so we will find the true meaning that Dante enters hell, which is so that he can find himself and most of all to return to his one true love of Beatrice. The first reason begins with Dante himself when he is in the woods; he veered off the straight path, which essentially represents the direction of his life and soul. This one reason could stand alone as to why Dante enters the Inferno. That is so Dante can witness where his soul and life will end up if he does not turn his life back around to the straight path of righteousness. In Dante's search for the right direction of himself as well as his soul, the Lady (Virgin Mary) is brought into the pre-entrance of the Inferno. A gracious lady sits in Heaven grieving for what happened to the one I send you to, and her compassion breaks Heaven's stern decree. (Inferno. Canto 1.2. 97-99) The Blessed Virgin Mary has been brought into Dante's journey, which makes clear sense as to why Dante is in search of the correct route for life. Dante involves his soul and thus bringing the Lady into the equation, creates a spiritual connection between Dante and the Blessed Virgin Mary. This does not however, mean that the Lady is a reason for Dante's journey through the Inferno. Nevertheless it does not discard the possibility that she did have a significant role in Dante's reasoning through a spiritual bond. To bring the Lady into the group of reasons is a bit unwise by the given information but cou... ... middle of paper ... ...s freedom, give him your help, and thereby bring me solace. (Inferno. Canto 1.2. 67-69) At this time Beatrice tells Virgil to go and do as she has directed. This is the exact moment when Virgil is brought into the Inferno. This moment not only gives the reader the moment when Virgil comes into the Inferno, but it also describes Virgil's purpose and entire character of the journey. Through love of Beatrice, as well as the divine intervention of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Dante enters the Inferno. Through Virgil the journey is thus completed. Dante entered the Inferno for two reasons: Beatrice's unending love for Dante and Dante's soul. Dante enters hell for his soul, sins, and more importantly Beatrice's love for him. From what is shown concerning Beatrice's love and Dante's soul, there is clearly enough information to discover why Dante entered the Inferno.
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