True American Feminist Essay

True American Feminist Essay

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"The millions that I would fear are those who do not dream of prizes that the nation holds forth, for it is in them, though they may not know it, that a revolution has taken place and is biding its time to translate itself into a new and strange way of life."


Women today are being pulled in opposite directions. They are being required by the faces around them to be both intelligent and subservient on command. Who is issuing such insensitive commands? A world that neither represents the best interests of women, nor respects their human rights. As Popular Culture would have it, the woman who feels degraded enough by her environment to act on her gut feelings (feeling that the masses no longer represent her best interest) is someone who is jeopardizing her future and could possibly jeopardize your future if you happen to meet face to face.

So, who is "right" in a catch twenty-two like this one? The woman who agrees with the world around her or the one who disagrees? The woman who goes with the flow for the good of the nation, or the woman who cuts across the grain? To get a better view of the argument, lets examine the cause of both sides. I use the singular "cause", because both scenarios stem from the same source: Popular American Culture.

It is no hidden fact that the our American popular culture of the 40's and 50's, and even the popular culture of today, create a mold for what is collectively known as an "ideal" woman. This ideal woman has had many roles, which change accordingly to the needs of the "country." The needs of the country have always been economical, and country is in quotes because while the needs stay the same, those benefiting from them have evolved over time.

During World War II, t...

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... to conform and those who want to rebel.

So how then, does one escape the trap of the damned if you, damned if you don't sort of logic? The true American feminist (and all "freethinkers") will realize that shes being marketed to. She will take steps to break out of all of the played-out demographics that advertisers have amassed and make-believe are true. This means channelling the rage which is felt by all individuals. A rage which is felt by being used by a system in order turn profits, all of which is done at the expense of the earth, personal ideals, and the future of the human race. Remember, its a system that only wants to catagorize, typify and demean the experience the individual. As a result, we as individuals must equip ourselves with enough knowledge if there is to ever be a chance at derailing the train which is on a collision course with itself.

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