Essay about Forte of the Fool

Essay about Forte of the Fool

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Feste is Olivia's professional jester, or fool. He receives payment to entertain, sing, and make satirical observations. This license allows him to freely speak his opinion. In Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, there is certainly no shortage of Feste's opinion. The fool easily assesses the faults, idiocy, and disguises of all those around him. It is through his insightful interpretation of the characters that we are able to understand that "the fool" is more than likely the most intelligent person within the play. Feste not only accepts his title of "fool" despite his brilliance, he embraces it.

From Feste's first appearance, he demonstrates his intellect over Olivia by expressing to her how foolish it is "to mourn for your brother's soul, being in heaven" (1.5.65). The fool also attempts to bring Orsino's inconsistency to light when he compares his mind to "a very opal" (2.5.74). Of course, Orsino is unable to hear the criticism through his self-involved melancholy. However, the most astute of all of Feste's assessments is that he sees through Cesario's disguise. In fact...

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