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An Ode to the Novel Essay

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This article is, as such, neither fact nor an accepted and acknowledged verity of any kind, manner or way. It is merely an opinion of the writer's, and an element of his disposition. The allusions and information included in it are the sum of personal belief and researched designs, on the part of its writer, other involved parties, and noted scholars, who have, over the years, come to feel that what it entails is more or less a relevant and important characteristic of the artistic landscape that has proved to constitute such an unequivocal and integral part of society, human civilization and existence. All that it pertains and all that it may come to mean in the reader's eyes is merely subjective and open to interpretation, appraisal and further opinion. Any comments would be more than welcomed by the writer and distributor and further assessment of its traits are, undoubtedly, expected and imminent.

Human perception, although eternally and inherently biased and reflective of time, structure and situation, is all that we have and all that we can come to admit as some, albeit unproven and purely speculative, icon of reality and model of understanding. We cannot decide whether that which we call truth is really truth or merely appears that way to us. But what we can decide and dictate, given the liberty of choice and moral judgment and reason, is the way in which we live our lives and who, what, where, when, why and how its direction and consequence effects . If that is the only term that man deems fit to accept us undeniably true, it is well enough. The books and the writers who have written them have come from a formative and multifaceted age of human thought ranging from the early-middle ages of reason...

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...ilestone (if that) is what makes us true human beings - what separates us from the other animals with which we inhabit this planet. We must fulfill the ambitions, the truths, the hopes and craft that the great writers initiated at any cost, lest the future generations come to be at loss over who man is and what he stands for. Over whom they were and what they stood for. They, those masters of the human soul who often joined, and frequently guided, us on our journey down the long and snaking road of existence, their lanterns - however aware they may have been of their own insecurities and imperfections - comforting and stirring us with the warm and sincere glow of companionship in the lingering solitude of the mind. Let us hope that this light does not flicker and fade into the darkness Jung speaks of, for that would be a crying shame and this race better left to dust.

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