Essay about Compare and Contrast - Story of an Hour and Astronomer's Wife

Essay about Compare and Contrast - Story of an Hour and Astronomer's Wife

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Compare and Contrast

Story of an Hour and Astronomer's Wife

It is a very difficult task for women to live a content life while in a despondent marriage. Though it has been done, it is simply no easy task. In the short stories "Story of an hour", and "Astronomers Wife" Kate Chopin and Kay Boyle both suggests to their readers that a woman needs a man to connect with her physically to be happy. The two stories both share the thesis that women are being held back by their husbands and there is plenty of evidence to prove this. With Chopin's story taking place in the 50's, and Boyle's story taking place at the turn of the century, they encounter parallel situations with a time difference of almost 50 years.

If we compare the wives in the two stories, we can see that they are quite similar. Mrs. Mallard in "Story of an Hour" dislikes her husband. She's despondent with her marriage and has no children. She wants to be free from her marriage and she does not want another marriage. She wants to live her own happy and private life but she's stuck with her husband. In "Astronomers Wife", Mrs. Ames also dislikes her husband, also is unhappy with her marriage, and also wants freedom from her current marriage. The difference however, is that unlike Mrs. Mallard, she does want another marriage; she wants a different man. She just doesn't want the husband she has now. She feels that she doesn't receive enough attention from him because he is always so captivated by his work. As you can see, these two characters are so similar in two different stories as well

as two different points in time. This shows the readers that this unhappy marriage issue is not a very unusual problem. It happens to many people in many diffe...

... middle of paper ...

...o start a new life. The freedom that she desired has been achieved and there is hope for a happier marriage after all.

As you can see, the two short stories both evidently share the same thesis that women are being held back by their husbands. Mrs. Mallard and Mrs. Ames are those women. Unfortunately, Mrs. Mallard wasn't too successful with her goal and she has a tragic death. Mrs. Ames however, got what she had desired, a new man, new relationship, and a new start. It was more difficult for women to make a standing point or just to be heard during Mrs. Mallard and Mrs. Ames times. They didn't have as much of

a voice as they do today. For Mrs. Mallard in "Story of an Hour", it seems that it may be better to die, then to live in chains. For Mrs. Ames on the other hand, she found the man that a woman needs to connect with her physically to be happy.

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