Cultural Conflict Can Bring Dramatic Changes to Socity Essay

Cultural Conflict Can Bring Dramatic Changes to Socity Essay

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Culture Conflict Can Bring Dramatic Changes to Societies

Things Fall Apart written by Chinua Achebe analizes the coming of the white man and its results on the culture of the people of Umuofia. The coming of the white man brought about culture conflict which affects the people of Umuofia's religion, their judicial system and their social life. Their lives are transformed in many different ways and change the perspective they have.

The arrival of the white man affects the people of Umuofia's religion and cause culture conflict. The people of Umuofia have many gods. Agbala- the oracle of the Hills and Caves. "People come from far and near to consult it" (12). People consult it when they have a discussion or altercation with their neighbors and also, they can discover what their future held for them. Chi is also a personal god which judge people by the work of their hands. They also believe that if they say yes that their chi also says yes. The people of Umuofia are very obedient to their gods. They don't go to war without consulting their gods. When a daughter of Umuofia was murdered in Mbaino, they didn't just decide to go for war or do things on their own; they consulted their gods and they were asked to demand s lad and a virgin from the people of Mbaino. However, if the people of Umuofia had not obeyed their gods, and had gone to war that they were told not to go, they would be defeated. Even when Okonkwo broke the week of peace by beating his youngest wife, he made the necessary sacrifice as was also demanded by their god. Okonkwo also shot Ezeudu's son accidentally, he had to go on an exile for seven years which was a crime against the earth goddess. If they had disobeyed the law by allowing Okonkwo to stay in the vill...

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...nger talks or visits his father. He told Mr. Kiaga that he had decided to go to Umuofia, where the white missionary had set up a school to teach young Christians to read and write. Their interpreters who the people of Umuofia know as weak people and not very strong, come from the village were they fear the warriors of Umuofia. Those are the people that are now interpreting words to them. "The white spoke through an interpreter who was an Ibo man though his dialect was different and harsh to the ears of Mbanta." The white man humiliated the leaders of Umuodia. When they put them in prison, their hair was shaved and their hands were handcuffed. "At night the messenger came in to taunt them and to knock their shaved heads together."

The coming of the white man cause culture conflict in the people of Umuofia's religion, their system of justice and their social life.

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