Pornography -- An Epidemic? Essay

Pornography -- An Epidemic? Essay

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Pornography -- An Epidemic?


The subtopic being examined in this segment of pornography as a whole, is that of violent pornography. In order to understand what is going to be discussed and the examples that will be cited, one must understand the context of violent pornography in relation to Pornography as a whole. But as this section will conclude, it is actually the widespread viewing of pornography as represented through the media, which leads to violent actions.


To begin with, the words violence and pornography must be separated and distinguished between. When these words are used together, one can get the impression that only þhard-coreþ pornography is the issue at hand. But there is a greater evil, and þhard-coreþ is only the finishing element in a long chain of reactions. Rather, the words violent and pornography are going to be þinterpretedþ as separate elements; the interpolated meaning now changes. The following discussion will attempt to prove the relation between pornography and the violent reaction it instills in its þvictimsþ. It is this relation which is far more important, and deadly, than þhard-coreþ is as a singular element.


One of the most important examples, which will be discussed at great length, is that of convicted murderer Ted Bundy, who was electrocuted in February 1989 for the known murders of at least 23 young women. Some figures estimate that number to be as many as 100. Not much was known about the personal life of the man who was 42 when he was put to death, but in a one hour interview that was given by James Dobson, President of Focus on the Family, 16 hours before Bundyþs execution, Bundy revealed,...

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... pornography is just expressing ones self; to others, itþs considered an art form. But studies have shown that this þart formþ is the chief cause of many murders and rapes that occur in the United States. And it doesnþt start with þhard-coreþ. The early stages of erotica are actually the start.


In conclusion, the question of whether pornography is an epidemic or not is rhetoric. Itþs obvious that it became an epidemic decades ago -- it has simply become entrenched in society. As has been shown in medical professions, the only way to deal with an epidemic is to find a cure which will obliterate the cancer. This situation is no different. Pornography leading to violence in society is a cancer which is growing larger every day. Perhaps without the influence of pornography, society would be just a little less violent.

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